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Winter Haircare tips by Dermacity

Hair care in winter

During winter, the whipping winds, dry air and chilled temperature can readily do a number on our soft and moisturized hair. The variation in temperature i.e. cold air outside and central heat indoors can strip away moisture from the strands and pores of our hair making them rough and dry.

So, don’t let the cold winter air to create wreak havoc on your hair and lock the moisture in your hair to make them lustrous & healthy. Here are the tips to fight dry and frizzy hair this winter.



  • To avoid dry or frizzy hair during the winter from outside, it is important that you feed them right from the inside. Take the essential supplements for hair like biotin, vitamins in your diet. Stick to the healthy diet and increase the intake of omega fatty acids like nuts, fish, avocados and flax seeds. They will give a boost to your hair and will keep your hair beautiful.

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  • Do not blow dry or go for hair styling very frequently.  If you are using blow dryer then remember to keep it on low setting or if you are using it to high temperature, always keep it at least 15 cm away from the hair.Try to use the cold air setting of hair dryer.

  • Condition and massage your hair. Floating fine strands of hair are common during the winter. Nothing restores hydration and fortifies your hair better than a deep conditioning. To maintain moisture, deep conditioning for dry and frizzy hair, at least once in a week is vital for maintaining the healthy hair. Try to wash the ends of your hair with cool water to seal the moisture.

  • Do not shampoo your hair with hot water. Bath with hot water feels great during a cold day but this can strip the moisture from your hair. Always use luke warm water to wash your hair. Long exposure to hot water will make your hair dry, rough or brittle.

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  • Protect your hair from the damage while going out. Make sure you always cover your hair or wear a scarf/ hat while going out. This will help to lock the moisture in your tresses and prevent them from making more prone to breakage. Do not wear direct woolen cap or hat as this will also cause hair breakage. Also to tame the frizzy, static-prone hair in winters, try to tie your hair while going out or as much as you can if possible when you have to face the cold wind.

  • Hair fall may be related to medical illnesses like hyper- or hypo-thyroidism, Diabetes, Anaemia. Vitamin deficiencies in our body is a common cause of hair loss..So these should be checked periodically.

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  • Destress and relax. Do not stress about hairfall because that will increase your hair fall further.
  • There are a number of therapies for hairfall –
    • Nuritional therapies
    • Topical therapies
    • PRP
    • Hair transplant in severe cases.

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