Clinical Dermatology

Problems with your skin can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and frustration. At Dermacity, we understand that your skin is an important part of looking and feeling your best, and we treat the full spectrum of skin concerns. At Dermacity in Guwahati, we treat patients of all ages and from all backgrounds who want healthy, radiant skin as well as healthy hairs.

Our Treatments

Acne Treatment Doctor in Guwahati
Acne Treatment
Best doctors in Guwahati to treat Skin pigmentation disorders
Pigmentation Disorder
Skin clinic in Guwahati to treat eczema
Eczema Treatment
Treatment for Hair Dandruff in Guwahati
Dandruff Treatment
Skin doctor for Psoriasis in Guwahati
Psoriasis Treatment
Doctor for Vitiligo treatment in Guwahati
Vitiligo Treatment
Skin Doctor in Guwahati
Skin Infection
Doctor for nail treatment in Guwahati
Nail Disorder
Chronic Skin Disease
Doctor for Sexually Transmitted Disease
Sexually Transmitted Disease
Leprosy treatment in Dermacity

Apart from mentioned treatment at Dermacity we provide proper consultation and medications for almost any kind of skin and hair problems.